Current graduate students

Graduate studies in the UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department offer unparalleled opportunities and support for professional and career development. We encourage all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to actively engage in professional development opportunities to complement your research training throughout your career at UCLA.

This collection of resources is aimed at currently enrolled students in the PhD programs of study. You will find in the menu at right:

  • General UCLA program requirements and an official outline of program requirements for the M.S. and PhD degree programs. Students are subject to the degree requirements as published for their program for the year in which they matriculate.
  • Guidelines for earning a Master's on the way to a PhD in either Physics or Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Guidelines for completing the PhD in either Physics or Astronomy and Astrophysics, with details of oral exam requirements and dissertation requirements
  • Current student fees and tuition
  • UCLA Campus Services Gateway including information on financial services, campus parking, UCLA events, and a host of other options and activities
  • A list of professional societies to help augment your academic involvement
  • Links to job opportunities through AIP job opportunities and the AAS job register

For more information contact Brenda Buenrostro, Graduate Student Affairs, 1-707B PAB, 310-825-2307.