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2021-09-19Recent Astro PhD, Jon Zink, and colleagues improved Kepler planet finding and are featured in Physics Today. Read More
2021-08-29Prof. Rene Ong's General AntiParticle Spectrometer was approved by NASA for at least two Antarctic balloon campaigns. Read More
2021-07-20Prof. Ni Ni's group and collaborators discovered the Layer Hall effect in a 2D topological axion antiferromagnet. Read More
2021-06-29Prof. Thomas Dumitrescu has co-founded the Simons Collaboration on Global Categorical Symmetries, initially awarded $8M to unlock the power of symmetry. Read More
2021-06-22Congratulations to Dissertation Year Fellows: Kevin Chen, Bao Minh Hoang, Chaowei Hu, Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, John Terry, & Ji Zou. Read More
2021-06-07UCLA's Basic Plasma Science Facility accelerated electrons by Alfvén waves to solve the mystery of aurora borealis. Read More
2021-05-17Former grad student Chen-Hsuan Chu (PhD '14 with Chakravarty) won RIKEN's Emergent Matter Science award. Read More
2021-05-01Congratulations to PhD students Eric Cropp and Kyle Ferguson on winning DOE Office of Science graduate fellowships Read More
2021-04-22Prof. John Miao received the 2021 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award from the Materials Research Society Read More
2021-04-21Congratulations to Spenser Talkington and Jonathan Lin on their NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. Read More
2021-04-14Congratulations to Dr. Shu "Suzy" Zhang on the UCLA Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research Read More
2021-04-05Congratulations to PhD students Anowar Shajib, Jon Zink, and former undergrad Erika Holmbeck on their Hubble Fellowships. Read More
2021-03-31Prof. John Miao led a team that solved a century-old scientific problem, the paper is published in this week's Nature. Read More
2021-03-31Profs. Malkan, Shapley, Treu, Turner, and Drs. Hosek and Roberts-Borsani are among the first awarded James Webb Space Telescope time. Read More
2021-03-30Congratulations to former UCLA Astro PhD student Dr. Emily Martin for her 51 Pegasi b Fellowship from the Heising-Simons Foundation Read More
2021-03-25Congratulations to Astro PhD student Sanaea Rose for winning the Charles E. and Sue K. Young Graduate Student Fellowship. Read More
2021-03-05A $500,000 gift from Astrid and Howard Preston will allow renovation of UCLA's Remote Observing Facility Read More
2021-02-11Congratulations to Prof. Tommaso Treu on the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize and locating a Fast Radio Burst. Read More
2021-02-05Congratulations to Prof. Alex Kusenko for being selected as a Simons Fellow in Theoretical Physics. Read More
2021-02-01Recent PhD student, Daniel Gilman, won honorable mention at the CGS/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award ceremony. Read More
2021-01-17Prof. Matt Malkan has been appointed to the National Science Board to advise Congress and the White House. Read More
2020-12-14Graduate student Dimitrios Kosmopoulos has been awarded the Mavroyannis Scholarship in Theoretical Physics from the AHEPA. Read More
2020-12-10Congratulations to P&A alumna Kalliopi Petraki (PhD '09) on promotion to the highest professorial rank at the Sorbonne and a 2M euro theory grant." Read More
2020-12-04Prof. Troy Carter chaired the panel that authored the long-range strategic plan for fusion power and plasma science. Read More
2020-12-02Engineer Maxx Tepper's high-bandwidth custom electronics work for the LHC was featured by Samtec Blog. Read More
2020-11-24Prof. Graciela Gelmini was named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read More
2020-11-20The newest faculty of UCLA Astronomy and Astrophysics gave a public webinar about their research to nearly 1,000 people. Read More
2020-11-10Senior physics major Alina Kochocki won Honorable Mention for the 2020 University Space Research Association (USRA) Distinguished Undergraduate Award Read More
2020-10-12Check out the profile of Prof. Erik Petigura in the Daily Bruin. Read More
2020-10-05Andrea Ghez, the Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Professor of Astrophysics at UCLA, has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. Read More
2020-09-21Prof. Karoly Holczer and colleagues won a $1M NSF award to develop nitrogen vacancies in diamonds to advance quantum sensing. Read More
2020-09-08Profs. Walter Gekelman and Victoria Vesna will give a virtual plasma physics tour for Ars Electronica. Read More
2020-08-31We mourn the passing of Prof. Bob Finkelstein who joined our faculty in 1948 and remained active through this year. Read More
2020-08-19Prof. John Miao, PhD student Arjun Rana and colleagues report an innovative method to capture multiple images from attosecond pulses. Read More
2020-08-04Prof. Seth Putterman was awarded the DoD's Newton Award for Transformative Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read More
2020-07-28Former UCLA Physics PhD Student, Anne White, has been appointed the Distinguished Professor of Engineering at MIT's School of Engineering. Read More
2020-07-28Congratulations to Prof. Ni Ni and PhD student Chaowei Hu for the fabrication and discovery of the first intrinsic ferromagnetic topological insulator. Read More
2020-07-24Congratulations to Prof. Christoph Niemann for winning the 2020 APS John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Read More
2020-07-21UCLA Physics will co-lead a new $25M NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute to overcome scientific challenges to quantum computing. Read More
2020-07-17Congratulations to Prof. Warren Mori for winning the 2020 APS Maxwell Prize for outstanding contributions to the field of plasma physics. Read More
2020-07-01Congratulations to Prof. Thomas Dumitrescu for being named a UCLA Hellman Fellow. Read More
2020-06-05Prof. Zhongbo Kang has won an NSF Career Award for theoretical work in quantum chromodynamics and nucleon structure. Read More
2020-06-05Grad Student Eddie Chang won "Best Poster" at the national APS meeting of the Group on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants Read More
2020-06-01Our department mourns the passing of Prof. Roberto Peccei and remembers his deep legacy and friendship. Read More
2020-05-15UCLA physicists have created the world's best fidelity qubit, the basic element of quantum information, making it easier to build a quantum computer. Read More
2020-05-01A surprising ferromagnetic order in superconductors predicted by Prof. Sudip Chakravarty, then-grad student Angela Kopp, and then-postdoc Amit Ghosal has been found experimentally. Read More
2020-05-01Congratulations to second-year grad student Jessica Pilgram, recent awardee of an NSF GRFP. Read More
2020-04-14Prof. Robijn Bruisnma published an article calculating the general phase plot for the capsid of viruses, which was selected as Editor's Suggestion for Physical Review Letters. Read More
2020-04-07A Nature video featuring the research from Prof. John Miao's group has reached 10 million views, becoming the most viewed video ever made by Nature in any discipline and indicating that the public is still interested in the basic research. Read More
2020-04-02Prof. Michalis Bachtis and UCLA colleagues have been awarded $2.2M as part of an NSF Major Research Equipment & Facilities Grant to upgrade the Compact Muon Solenoid detector at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Read More
2020-04-02Dr. Hanguo Wang of UCLA helped start a project to build ventilators to fight COVID-19 disease using common off-the-shelf parts. Read More
2020-03-30Trent Thomas, a senior astrophysics major in the UCLA Physics & Astronomy department, just received an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Read More
2020-03-08Prof. John Miao led a team that produces most accurate 3D images of 2D materials. The work was published in Nature Materials today, accompanied with a News & Views article by Prof. Angus Kirkland of Oxford University. Read More
2020-02-24Professors Andrea Ghez and Ian McLean were named inaugural fellows of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) for their contributions toward the AAS mission of enhancing and sharing humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. Read More
2020-02-12Erik Petigura, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, has been selected to receive the 2020 Sloan Research Fellowship, which selects early-career scientists and scholars who are rising stars of science. Read More
2020-01-20American Astronomical Society has announced that Smadar Naoz is the recipient of the Helen B. Warner Prize for 2020 for her many early career contributions to theoretical astrophysics. Read More
2020-01-09Hanguo Wang has been awarded the 2019 DPF Instrumentation Award for contributions to and development of the use of liquid xenon and argon detectors for direct detection searches for dark matter, including the two-phase technique. Read More
2020-01-09Professor Ni Ni and graduate student Chaowei Hu have found a new magnetic topological insulator, MnBi4Te7, a candidate for the Quantum Anomalous Hall effect. Read More
2020-01-07Tommaso Treu and other HoLiCOW colleagues have found a new Hubble measurement that strengthens a discrepancy in the universe's expansion rate. Read More
2020-01-07Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, Tommaso Treu and fellow astronomers have found that dark matter forms much smaller clumps than previously known. Read More
2019-12-16Mark Morris and colleagues have revealed a new image of a candy-cane-shaped feature in the center of our galaxy. Read More
2019-12-11Astrophysicist Smadar Naoz has found that a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy may have a friend. Read More
2019-12-11David Jewitt leads a new analysis of data from Hubble Space Telescope that provides more details about the first observed interstellar comet. Read More
2019-11-19UCLA professors Edward L. Wright and Ni Ni have been acknowledged in the 2019 list of the world's most influential scientific researchers. Read More
2019-11-05Jia Han is the lead author of the article "3D measurements of plasma parameters in an industrial plasma etch tool" in "Physics of Plasmas." Read More
2019-11-04David Jewitt and colleagues have discovered twenty new moons of Saturn. This brings the ringed planet's total number of moons to 82, surpassing Jupiter, which has 79. Read More
2019-10-28Astronomer Tommaso Treu and colleagues have released a study suggesting that the universe is expanding more rapidly than previously thought. Read More
2019-10-25Lucy Fortson won the APS Nicholson Medal for "the humanitarian aspect of physics." Dr. Fortson received her Ph.D. in physics from UCLA in 1991. Read More
2019-10-25Ben Zuckerman and Hilke Schlichting have co-authored a study suggesting that Earth is not unique: Earth-like planets may be common in the universe. Read More
2019-10-24David Jewitt has captured the best and sharpest look at a comet from outside of our solar system that recently barged into our own. Read More
2019-10-22R. Michael Rich has led an international team carrying out a survey for the Haloes and Environments of Nearby Galaxies (HERON) collaboration. Read More
2019-10-22In a recent article in The Conversation, Brad Hansen discusses what moons in other solar systems reveal about planets like Neptune and Jupiter. Read More
2019-10-01Chris Regan and William Hubbard have received Microscopy Today's "Innovation Award" for their invention of SEEBIC imaging. Read More
2019-10-01UCLA has had four faculty named APS Fellows in the 2019 Cohort: Andrea Ghez, Eric Hudson, Aydogan Ozcan, and Chee Wei Wong. Read More
2019-10-01Prof. Stuart Brown and collaborators have published a major breakthrough in superconductivity in the journal Nature. Read More
2019-10-01The enormous black hole at the center of our galaxy is having an unusually large meal of interstellar gas and dust. Researchers don't yet understand why. Read More
2019-09-01Thomas Dumitrescu, assistant professor in the department, has been awarded the prestigious Department of Energy Office of Science Early Career Award for his work "New Tools for Strongly Coupled Quantum Field Theories." Read More
2019-09-01Professor Nathan Whitehorn's project, IceCube, the Antarctic neutrino detector that in July of 2018 helped unravel one of the oldest riddles in physics and astronomy - the origin of high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays - is getting an upgrade. Read More
2019-08-07Dr. Beth Klein has been awarded the American Physical Society's M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship. Dr. Klein, a junior development engineer in the Astronomy Division, studies polluted white dwarf stars, elemental compositions of extrasolar planetesimals, formation and evolution of rocky planets and exoplanets, and high-resolution spectroscopy and imaging. Read More
2019-07-01At 6:56 in this video by Nature Magazine, Physics & Astronomy Professor Mayank Mehta discusses how virtual-reality mazes are helping to unlock the complexity of the human brain. Read More
2019-01-01More than 100 years after Albert Einstein published his iconic general theory of relativity, it is beginning to fray at the edges, said Andrea Ghez, UCLA professor of physics and astronomy. "Einstein's right, at least for now," said Ghez. Read More