Eric Becklin

Professor Emeritus
Experimental Astrophysics
Office: PAB 3-429
Phone: 310-206-0208

Educational Background

B.S., Physics, University of Minnesota, 1963
Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology, 1968

Research Interest

Professor Becklin's primary focus is in the area of infrared imaging and spectroscopy. The current major efforts are the search for Brown Dwarfs (objects, which do not have sufficient mass to sustain nuclear burning, are the missing link between stars and planets), the detection of dust rings around stars that are related to planet formation, the dynamics and composition of the center of our Galaxy, and the nature of luminous infrared galaxies. The research uses UCLA instrumentation developed in collaboration with Prof. McLean, as well as facility instrumentation at the University of California's Lick and Keck (10 meter) observatories. Becklin is chief scientist of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy ( SOFIA ), which will place a 2.5m infrared telescope in a modified Boeing 747-SP.

Selected Publications

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